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Terms & Conditions



Joseph's Transportation requires a 25% deposit per bus, per day to reserve any vehicle(s). The full balance is due 1 month prior to the service. We can accept checks, cash, or credit card. Service will not be confirmed without a deposit. Any gratuities may be paid in cash or prepaid on the bill.

A reservation may not be guaranteed until a deposit is made.

Note: Not all services follow certain policies listed. Billing clients may not be required to provide a deposit. The payment process and policies are subject to change based on contracts or agreements.


Joseph's accepts credit card, cash, and checks. Cash and checks must be paid at least 1 month prior to the service. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Diner’s Club. Price is subject to internal computation. A $25 fee will be charged for returned checks. After 30 days returned check will be placed in collection.


All out of pocket charges including tolls, parking, airport fees and taxes, will be added to the customer’s bill if occurred during the service.


All services may be subject to a service fee and/or a fuel surcharge.


All hourly services are port to port services, meaning that the service time begins when the vehicle leaves Joseph’s Medford, MA location and ends once it returns to said location. There is a 15 minute grace period.


A fee may be imposed on holidays.


On all services between midnight and 5:00am there will be an additional charge based on the service.


In the case that a customer wants to continue their service for additional time which was not originally requested they must consult the Joseph’s dispatch team which can be reached at 781-396-2500. At that time the dispatcher will only accept a credit card which will then be approved and charged before the extra time is allowed.


Cancellation policy: 

If cancelled prior to 1 month before service, half of the deposit is refundable.

If cancelled within 1 month of the service the full deposit (equal to 25%) is non-refundable. 

If cancelled within 72 hours of the service 100% of the service is non-refundable. 


All trips must have a detailed itinerary prepared and sent to Joseph's dispatch at least seven days prior to the service date. That itinerary must be approved by Joseph's dispatch/safety team. If an itinerary is not provided within that timeframe the service is subject to cancellation. 


Confirmations: A member of the Joseph's Transportation team will reach out at least a day prior to service to confirm the final details and provide driver information.


While Riding:


Contraband: We refuse to transport anyone in procession of a weapon or illegal substance. Authorities will be contacted.


Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in any of our vehicles.


Alcohol:  Alcohol is only permitted on vehicles with a partition between the driver and the passengers. Guests of legal age may bring aboard alcohol with permission from a member of the Joseph’s Transportation staff. If alcohol is found with an under-aged guest it will be confiscated and authorities will be called. Alcohol related incidents by any guests of any age may result in the termination of service with no refund whatsoever. The driver may contact authorities. Joseph’s Transportation is not responsible for any alcohol related injuries.


Noise Levels & Language: The driver may ask guests to lower video and audio levels or excessive noise by guests. Failure to comply with reasonable requests may result in the service being terminated without refund. The driver may refuse to raise the divider in the vehicle. Profanity is not tolerated in or around Joseph’s Transportation vehicles.


Damage: Extra charges may be imposed for damages and/or anytime the bus is left in poor condition. 

A fee may be charged if excessive cleaning is required.

The person whose name/credit card appears on the reservation is responsible for all guest damages.

All glassware must remain on the vehicle. Broken or lost glassware is charged a fee per glass.

Additional damages will be charged at 125% of repair cost.


Food & Beverage: Permission must be granted to bring food aboard any Joseph’s Transportation vehicle. Drivers may refuse food or drink that may cause stains or cleaning issues.


Seating: Sedans, limousines, and only some buses are equipped with seat belts. Joseph’s Transportation is not responsible for injuries to guests who are not seated while vehicles are in motion.


Windows & Sunroofs: The driver will control the sunroof and dividers. There shall be no leaning out of windows, shouting out of any windows, or throwing objects from windows. Violation of this may terminate the contract with no refunds.


Amenities: For reasons beyond our control some amenities may not be in working condition.


Passenger Count: The person who books the service and/or the group leader is responsible for the passenger count throughout the charter.


Weather & Road Conditions: Joseph’s management and drivers will decide if conditions are safe to proceed. We will not allow buses down small roads, dead end streets, or cul-de-sacs.


Airport & Rail:


Joseph’s grants a 15 minute grace period after reported domestic flight arrival. Joseph’s grants a 45 minute grace period after reported international flight arrival.


Due to Massport regulations vehicles are dispatched from limousine pool upon gate arrival. Therefore vehicles will arrive to the terminal thereafter.


Joseph’s monitors all flights, however, any rail transportation cannot be monitored.


A three-hour cancellation notice is required for all port to port charges or else all regular charges apply. Dedicated service and group reservations require 24 hour cancellation notice.


Any services involving Massport / Black Falcon / Logan airport will be charged a service fee.


Each additional drop offs at Logan airport will be charged $15 per terminal.


Any airport/rail no-shows will be charged the full amount of the service plus any waiting time charges. If the customer cannot find their vehicle please call the Joseph’s office to avoid any charges for a no-show.


Additional Information: 


Joseph’s Transportation assumes no responsibility for any damages, injury, or loss resulting from any inconveniences caused by delay, cancellation of service, strike, weather, or any other condition.


Joseph’s Transportation is not responsible for any lost or stolen items on one of our vehicles.


Joseph's Transportation reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time.

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