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Wedding Transportation Tips

We all know weddings can be extremely complicated, expensive, and confusing. Let us help take some of that burden off your shoulders and give you some of our best tips for planning the transportation for your big day!

Start your search for wedding transportation early!

Popular wedding dates mean limited availability. If your wedding is on a Saturday in May, June, September, October, or over one of the long weekends, you better be sure to try and lock up your transportation ASAP. Most people interested in wedding transportation worry that they cannot start the conversation about transportation until they have the number of passengers locked in, which can be difficult with knowing how many guests will attend. This is FALSE! Start the conversation as soon as you know the date and venue. You can always update passenger counts down the road.

Less trips = Less stress

Everyone wants to save a little money and we get it, weddings are EXPENSIVE! But sometimes peace of mind is priceless. You may think it is best to have one bus do multiple trips, but this can be a risky situation. We cannot predict traffic - if the 15-minute drive turns into 30 minutes, everyone on the second trip will be late. Say you padded the timing to avoid the traffic/late issue - well now you have 100 people for two trips of 50 people, but only 20 people get on the first trip leaving 80 waiting for the second trip. You just stranded 30 people who now have to find another way to get to the wedding. Trust us on this one, less trips is more!

Assign a bus "Captain"

We cannot tell you how many times that crazy uncle, or another guest, just wants to get a move on and tells the driver "we are ready to go." The driver then departs, leaving passengers at the hotel with no wedding shuttle in sight. Assign a group bus "captain" that you can trust to be there and make sure everyone makes the bus and doesn't get left behind.

Be aware of the climate

When looking for transportation think about the expected climate. If it is a summer wedding, make sure the vehicle has air conditioning. Wedding attendees want to dress up and there is nothing worse than sweating through your suit jacket!


Don't let your wedding become a stressful event. At Joseph's Transportation, we have been providing wedding transportation for over 40 years. Know that you chose the right vendors to make this a smooth and exciting day!

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